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Another in my series of pictures representing the signs of the zodiac in my style. Virgo,  is represented in dotwork style in the form of two unicorn skulls and a corn dollie.

I think it may need a little explanation.

With some signs you have to follow the mob, for example with Cancer it is difficult to avoid drawing the crab. However, there is much more involved behind Virgo yet generally it is simply represented as a young woman. The young woman represents many things but it is as the promise of the harvest, the latent fecundity of the earth that she is most significant...Virgo the virgin, the young maiden. Then there is the harvest itself so the maiden is often shown carrying a wheatsheaf or with a representation of wheat.

So I have taken the Virgin theme and used the unicorn to represent it, as traditionally the unicorn is associated with virginity, but my unicorns are dead, representing the harvest also. Then there is the corn dolly (sometimes called the corn maiden), a mainly European tradition where the spirit of the harvest is represented and conserved until the next year to protect the next year's harvest.

This image is Giclee printed on 315gsm Natural Soft Textured paper, which is 100% acid free and accredited by the Fine Art Trade Guild as of "archival quality" giving an image life of 85+ years.

Mounted size - 12 inches x 12 inches

Images size 8 inches diameter

£35 mounted

Image size approx. 8.5 inches diameter

Mount size 14 inches x 14 inches

£35 mounted - £30 for one month during Summer Sale July/Aug 2022

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