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White Stag Print

White Stag Print

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Produced purely in hand-applied pointillist dotwork, this piece took over 40 hours to create the depth of forest scene. The image represents the mystical figure of the white stag which stands as an empty stag-shaped space in the middle of a forest. 

The White Stag is a mystical figure which appears in mythology across the world, wherever deer are found. It variously represents everything from a warning to a blessing, and can be a shamanic guide. All these different roles in different cultures prompted me to represent it as a space, once which is filled slightly differently by the needs of the cultures in which it appears.

The stag is Giclee printed on archival quality high white smooth 315 gsm paper which is 100% cotton and pH neutral.

The image is 10 inches high, by 8 inches wide and is mounted to 16 inches high, by 14 inches wide.

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